2015 -2016 Winters Hottest in 5 years in Chandigarh

The year 2015 has broken all previous records of day and night temperatures. From July 2015 - November 2015, city’s average maximum temperature recorded was 4 to 6 degree above the normal.

The average temperature recorded in June was between 23 and 25 degree Celsius and it’s the same this year in November. Comparing it with previous years it varied between 10.8 to 13.3 degree Celsius.

In 2014, Chandigarh was shivering with cold as the city recorded temperature colder than that of Shimla. Last year, the city beautiful recorded 9 degree Celsius as maximum temperature and the minimum stayed at 7 degrees which is 12 degrees below the normal temperature.
When the winters are warm, one can just imagine how the summer of 2016 is going to be like! If winter chill doesn’t set in soon – ‘Summer of 2016’ might be the one to remember. Such climatic changes have been seen in other parts of India, however the impact on Chandigarh / tri-city has been felt lately.

#Winter season in #Chandigarh will be affected due to changing day and night temperatures.

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