Breakthrough in Aviation by Chandigarh based Organization

Conventional landing lights currently used for aircrafts in India weigh a huge 5 kgs, this also includes a power booster which consumes extra space apart from power of 1,100 watts. The team of scientists who worked on this project mentioned that the output is less than 2 lakh candela. The conventional landing lights also generate more heat this reducing both life and efficiency. All this is set to change – courtesy “The Central Scientific Instruments Organisation (CSIO)”. CSIO head-quartered in Sector 30, Chandigarh has developed landing lights for aircrafts, which form part of the aircraft’s nose-wheel assembly and coloured navigation lights that are installed on wingtips and vertical tail fin.

These navigation and landing LED lights for fighter aircraft are all set to replace conventional halogen and filament lights. The new lights are not only lighter in weight, but also consume less power. The LED landing lights which will illuminate the runway ahead while taxing, take-off or landing, weigh about 2 kg and consume 150 watts while giving an illumination of 3.5 lakh candela (the unit of light).

The team also claims that LED wingtip lights weigh 150 gm each with a brightness of 60 candela, while the conventional lights weigh 400 gm each with a brightness of 20 candela. The navigation lights indicate the aircraft’s presence in the skies as well as the direction of its flight as a safety measure for other aircraft in the vicinity. A CSIO official mentioned that both types of lights were undergoing trials and these were expected to be operational by January next year. The project commenced in September last year and has maintained a pleasantly surprising good speed.

These LED Lights were originally developed for the indigenous aircraft called ‘Tejas’, but as per a CSIO official - the technology and specifications can be adapted to make it suitable for other fighter as well as transport aircrafts. At present, imported landing lights are being used in IAF aircrafts.

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