Chabeel Chardi Kala - Sewa in Chandigarh and TriCity

Cold water mixed with sugar, milk and Roohafza syrup - CHABEEL, is a remembrance of the torture meted out to the 5th Guru, Arjan Dev Ji.

A great - this drink is also known for its cooling & refreshing properties. It not only cools down the internal body heat during the hot summers but also helps in reducing acidity and keeps the body cool.

In the scorching heat of June 2016, Chandigarh and tri-city has been putting up CHABEEL stalls organised by Gurdwara Society or Market associations of various sectors. Chandigarh city youth - doing Guru seva, serving tumblers of sweetened water to motorists irrespective of their religious background, with loudspeakers honking religious hymns in the background is quite a sight.

Chabeel has more to do with 'SEWA' i.e. serving to people with a thought that we are serving GOD. Well, in that case, the serving should be very pure and clean. Isn't it?

Apart from few locations, in every stall of CHABEEL the water being served is of regular tanker service by a private vendor or municipal corporation. While the general understanding is that it’s difficult to use rose water or mineral water to prepare this drink, there is a hope that no compromise is made with the quality of drinking water and ice being used.

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