Demand HIKE of Organic Food in Chandigarh & Tricity

Tri-City Demand for Organic Food Growing Faster than Supply.
Let’s join the fight against the dreaded disease and switch to healthy living.

More and more people are choosing organic produce & food products and especially in the last couple of months the demand has been growing at a steady pace.

Got Organic Milk?
That's the question more and more consumers are asking in SuperMarkets.
Green leaf vegetables and milk are probably the biggest selling products in organic foods, because people are concerned about bovine growth hormones, followed by infant formula and baby food. The demand for organic food is growing so fast that consumer demand is outstripping some domestic supplies.

With this change, farmers also made the changes in farming methods that allow them to meet the expectations of organic food consumer.

Under Rastriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY), even the Government has taken a number of initiatives to boost agriculture production, develop high quality seeds, use of bio-fertiliser, increase storage capacity and steps to reach the benefits of various research works from lab to land.

Tri-City households in the high income group have reported a substantial increase in consumption of organic food products this year, reveals a new survey released.
There are stores in Chandigarh ‘Hunsali Farm Fresh Organic Produce - Sector 18’ and ‘eatOfresh - Sector 27’ trying to meet consume expectation but there has been a major shift in consumer preferences for organic foods with purchases.

Despite the fact organic foods being 35-45% more expensive than traditional foods, Tri-City residents are more concerned about their children’s health and a safe diet and are ready to spend more on organic products; the city-beautiful is certainly demanding more.

No doubt, the organic food is healthier than conventional food is quite strong, and is the main reason for about 30% of growth in the organic food industry.
Very few people in and around Chandigarh have now started growing vegetables in their own kitchen gardens / rooftop gardens and are enjoying fresh produce.
Antioxidant Capacity, Pesticide Reduction, better Heart Health & Immune System and Antibiotic Resistance, Better Taste, Environmental Safety are NOT only the importance of Organic food but a great reason to adapt.

ORGANIC… Good for Nature… Good for You!!

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