Mohali to introduce AC Local Buses

The city's wish for its own local AC bus service might finally become a reality.

So far, most of the residents of Mohali have to depend on Chandigarh Transport Undertaking (CTU) AC buses or auto-rickshaw for their daily commute but very soon Mohali is going to have its own air-conditioned buses for the convenience of passengers.

In a meeting, Mayor Kulwant singh mentioned that there will be around 14 air-conditioned buses under the city bus service for the Greater Mohali area. Following the purposed route plan these buses will be covering most of the areas of Greater Mohali.

The Chandigarh Transport Undertaking had previously diverted its 4 AC buses from Inter-state Bus Terminal 17/43 to Mohali Airport. The CTU also has limited routes but there are several areas to be covered in Mohali. The efforts made by CTU bus service are not meeting the resident’s expectations.

Mohali coming up with its own AC busses will be a relief to its residents.
And hope this will not impact the long route bus service operating from Mohali by Libra Bus, Mercedes Benz and few other private vendors.

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