Will CHANDIGARH be also taken along with the wings of UDTA PUNJAB?

Udta Punjab has finally released by going through very much controversy and was among the top headlines couple of weeks back.

Everyone is aware about the fact that Punjab is contemplated as the drug consuming state of India. Chandigarh, the most beautiful city is also part of Punjab but sadly it is also under the confluence of the drugs in some proportions.

As far as the script of the movie is concerned, it is clear that Udta Punjab revolves around the drug issue which is the most prominent concern.

Chandigarh, on the whole is considered to be safer place in drug selling or consumption. And comparing the U.T with the adjoining states like Punjab, Haryana & UP… Tricity is a well know safer place from drug disputed point.

The tricity is adjoined with some of the villages that are very much addicted to drug addiction. The unemployed youth that revolves around such villages have nothing to do and as a result, they are the most addicted to various varieties of Drugs i.e cocaine, liquor, cigarettes and many more. Likewise, the village youth is migrating the Tricity areas and is bringing all the drug dilemma with them and because of this, these depressants are globally covering the Youth of Chandigarh too.

Comparatively, due to the high securities throughout the tricity, the drug botheration is very much maintained and is a very good news for the Guardians as well.

But still it will be good to ask..

Long Live City Youth!

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